How to speed up a WordPress Website with LiteSpeed Cache, Quic – HTTP3 and WebP

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Step 1 - Set PHP Version to 7.4, enable Redis

Log into your host account, Cpanel,  Select PHP Version, set to PHP 7.4, enable Redis, set as current

Step 2 - Install Litespeed Cache plugin

WordPress – Plugins Add new, Litespeed cache, install, activate

Step 3 - Get a free Cloudflare and Quic Account

Create a free account with Cloudflare and Quic Cloud

Step 4 - Connect to Quic Cloud

Litespeed Cache, Request domain key Quic Cloud, add IP address, link to Quic Cloud

Step 5 - Link to CDN

Add Cloudflare email, Global API Key and domain

Step 6 - Add the site to Cloudflare

Cloudflare add new site – enter your domain name. Change DNS to Cloudflare

Step 7 - Cloudflare Quick Start

Enable HTTPS, HTTP3, Brotli, Compress HTML CSS JS

Step 8 - Litespeed Cache settings

Step 9 - Page Optimisation

Step 10 - Test your website

Check the homepage, check other pages – Run a speed test with GTMetrix