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Having a fast website hosting is incredibly important in today’s digital world. Fast web hosting can help your website to load quickly and provide reliable uptime, which are both essential for providing a good user experience. Litespeed servers are becoming increasingly popular due to their ability to handle large amounts of traffic, while still providing fast page loading times. This not only helps increase customer satisfaction but also improves SEO rankings. Additionally, Litespeed servers offer better security than traditional web hosting services, keeping customer data safe and secure. With the growing need for speed and reliability in web hosting, Litespeed servers are an excellent choice for those looking for high quality performance that won’t break the bank.

Super Fast Hosting for WordPress using the latest Litespeed Technology.

Fast load times and outstanding performance UK

Super Fast Hosting for WordPress using the latest Litespeed Technology.

Fast load times and outstanding performance USA

LiteSpeed Web Server is often compared directly to Apache, as it was designed to be a drop-in-replacement. But LiteSpeed Web Server is not based on Apache code. In fact, it has more in common with nginx, when you look under the hood.

Like nginx, LSWS was built from the ground up to use an event-driven architecture, which is more efficient and better-performing than Apache’s process-based model. But unlike nginx, LSWS was designed to understand Apache’s configuration files, mod_security rules, and mod_rewrite rules. And it supports .htaccess natively, in a much more efficient way. Because of this compatibility, LiteSpeed Web Server may be used with any control panel that was written for Apache, including cPanel, Plesk, and DirectAdmin.

With LiteSpeed, you get the best of both worlds: event-driven scalability similar to nginx, and the ability to use familiar and ubiquitous Apache tools for all of your management tasks.



As important as ease-of-management is, it means nothing if your web server of choice doesn’t perform well. LiteSpeed’s benchmarks, when compared to nginx and Apache, speak for themselves. When you switch to LiteSpeed Web Server, you can be confident that your sites will experience measurable improvements in speed.

LiteSpeed’s simpler stack and intelligent cache give it an edge. With LiteSpeed’s advanced built-in cache engine, you can eliminate the need for the HTTPS reverse proxies or additional third party caching layers required with Apache. Plus, LiteSpeed stores compressed cache files, where nginx does not.