How to export markers and create timecode in YouTube – Davinci Resolve 18

Learn how to use markers to create timecode for your YouTube videos Easily add a video title and description when exporting the video to YouTube Marker tips

Markers are an incredibly useful tool for creating timecodes when editing YouTube videos. Not only do they allow you to add titles and descriptions to your videos as you export them to YouTube, but they also make it easier to navigate through the video’s timeline. With markers, you can quickly jump from one section of a video to the other, allowing users to easily find the content they want. Additionally, markers can be used to create chapters in long videos so that viewers can quickly access topics of interest. 

By using markers for creating timecodes, editors can save time and energy while producing high-quality content for their viewers. Markers are an essential tool for any YouTuber or video producer looking to maximize their productivity and efficiency!