How to change propellors on Dji mini 3 Pro – quick easy guide – propellor checks and tips

How to change propellors on Dji mini 3 Pro

Removing damaged propellor
How to identify which new propellors to fit
How to attach new propellors
Checks before you fly
Regular propellor checks

Which screwdriver to use, the DJI screwdriver is pretty bad so I recommend using a Deyard as it’s easier to hold, has a spinner, and doesn’t damage the screw heads.

Screwdriver set (amazon)
New Propellors (amazon)
ND Filters (amazon)
Sandisk microSD (amazon)
Dji mini3PRO RC (amazon)

0:00 Intro
0:27 Use a good screwdriver
0:41 Identify which new prop to use
1:02 Remove the old damaged propellors
1:28 Fit the new propellors
1:50 Small flight test
2:15 Check the props often