Sandisk Extreme NVME SSD 4TB V2 Review 2023 – Best video editing drive, best photo editing drive

Sandisk Extreme NVME SSD Review 2023 – Best video editing drive, best photo editing drive Great drive for video editors, and photo editing in Lightroom

This is the Sandisk Extreme 4 terrabyte V2 NVME SSD drive
Its rugged and fast with USB C connectivity
Using 10Mbps connection

First impression is its tiny
Weighing in at 49.9grams
Similar in size to a credit card, it fits easily in trouser pockets, camera bags and backpacks

A durable silicon shell offers a premium feel and added protection to the drive’s exterior

Its very portable
Use the handy carabiner loop to secure it to your belt loop or backpack for extra peace of mind

Up to 2m drop protection and IP55 water and dust resistant mean this drive can take a beating
I wouldn’t want to drop it the bath, but if it got wet in the rain it should survive.

It also comes with a 5 year warranty

Included in the box is a short USB C cable and a USB C to usb A adaptor
The connection feels really solid, you could have the drive dangling out the side of laptop or Mac book with out it falling off.

Power is drawn through the USB C cable, so one cable is all you need.

Sizes its available in
500GB, 1TB, 2TB and 4TB

It comes formatted in ExFat which means it will work on PC, Mac, Linux and tablets

You also get Sandisks encryption software included
As Im using it on a Mac I formatted the drive for APFS encrypted to keep my files safe
It works fine on the latest M1 Macs

This is the extreme version which Sandisk claim 1050MB/s read and write

Ive got this connected to a Thunderbolt 4 port on my Mac Studio

Black Magic disk speed rates it at
828MB/s Write and 803MB/s Read
Which is plenty of speed for video editing in 4K and all the way up to 8K

If you need higher speeds then there is another option
The Sandisk Extreme Pro which claims speeds of up to 2000MB/s read and write

I use this as my main video editing drive with Davinci Resolve Studio
Most of my projects are around 10 minutes long and use up to 4 streams of 4K video

This drive handles the 4K files easily, smooth playback on the timeline
The system feels fast and responsive.

Its the same in Adobe Lightroom, when importing lots of photos shot on the Canon R6 they import quickly
No slow down on the system
Quickly jump through large image libraries with instant response

Does this drive get hot ?
No not really it does get warm to the touch but never hot

When your video editing or photo editing a fast drive like the Sandisk Extreme is worth the investment.

For photos and videos it is a really good drive, it does everything I need
If you want one please use the links in the description below

Occasionally they come up on Amazon on special offer so keep an eye out.